Lake Garda, Italy

Why us


Our goal is to guide you safely in an emotional journey, riding the right bike on the most correct trail for your riding skills and style, to make you enjoy the MTB experience.

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We think that an MTB makes the riding esperience immersive, enjoying mountain with the appropriate “slow” pace makes the tour’s memories indelible.
Today’s E-MTB make this experience possible for anyone, even the less trained riders. That’s in the end, the origin of our brand!. Don’t think we’ve mistaken English, it’s a pun and it’s also the acronymous of ALL-MOUNTAIN SLOW TOURS.

What you get

All our Rides are ring tours (A to A), climbing up to our destination before heading back down.

The descent difficulty level is variable, based upon the ride style you choose.

We provide high-end full-suspended E-MTB, the Focus Jam2 Plus LTD (Shimano Steps E8000
engine, 378W/h battery, adjustable seatpost, 140mm front & rear travel).

Bikes are maintained directly by us, kept in perfect efficiency given the use for which they are

At the beginning of the tour there will be a briefing explaining the use of the bike as well as a
personalized set-up for each participant.

We provide also safety equipment – helmet, protections, gloves – in case you don’t have your own.

Any questions?

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